Review of the S1, S2, and S3 History Education Curriculum

On November 23 2023, the History Education Study Program held an external curriculum review. The History Education Study Program invites experts from the fields of History and History Education. Those who were also present were Dr. Zulkarnain, M.Pd (Chairman of P3SI), Dr. Farida Ratu Wargadalem (MSI Palembang), Yayan Syalviana (Teacher), Dr. Nunung Julaeha (Teacher), and Major. CAJ. Fredi Firmansyah, M.Han (Military), and Dr. Sumardiansyah (AGSI). They provided many suggestions regarding the S1, S2 and S3 History Education Curriculum. In general, they provide suggestions regarding the development of local history, military history and digital development in education. The review was carried out in Hybrid using zoom and offline media in room 103.

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