This website profile aims to provide an overview of the condition of the FPIPS UPI History Education Study Program in all its aspects so that the community, academic community, and employees have a complete understanding of this study program. This website describes a brief history, vision, mission, goals, objectives, organizational structure, profile, student guidance services, curriculum, featured programs, lecturer profiles, and photo galleries of Study Program activities. In preparing this website, we have tried to present information as complete and objectively as possible so that readers can understand and enjoy the info while matching what we convey with the facts that readers can listen to in understanding the dynamics of the History Education Study Program today.

Institutionally, the History Education Study Program FPIPS UPI always strives to improve academic quality services, in particular, to create a more conducive academic atmosphere or academic culture development. Some of the flagship programs of the Study Program include the development of a history education laboratory equipped with a space for making history learning media, documenting documentary films, replicas of historical heritage objects, podcast rooms, and publishing the Historia journal. We are optimistic that the pilot’s realization of the History Education Study Program to become a “World Class” will become a reality. Amen.

We are aware that behind the optimism that we are targeting towards our ideal goals, we feel many obstacles, such as going up a high and steep hill, much energy, thought, and material sacrifices that we make. As long as we strive to achieve these goals, if there are hurt parties, we also apologize and ask for suggestions and guidance as feedback to improve our steps forward in achieving the expected goals. That is all, and thank you.

Bandung, 1st December 2016