Message from the Head of the Study Program

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Praise our gratitude to the presence of Allah SWT, who has bestowed endless blessings on all of us. Prayers and greetings may be poured out to our Lord, the great Prophet Muhammad SAW, who has brought these people from darkness to the message of truth that is bright.

As head of the Department of History Education, FPIPS, University of Education of Indonesia, I am pleased and proudly welcome the WEB of the Department of History Education. Through this WEB, it is hoped that academic and general information about the Department of History Education can be accessed in particular by the academic community in the Indonesian Education University and the general public in general. Indeed, amid globalization and the swift current flow of information, UPI, as a university that puts forward the motto “Leading and Outstanding,” must be proactive in responding to the challenges of that era. As part of the civitas, the Department of History Education has tried to take part in realizing the ideals referred to through the development of this WEB.

It is a special joy for me if the public can accept our WEB presence as a vehicle for building a communication link between the campus world and its partners, especially education practitioners in schools. Thus, there will be a synchronization between the theoretical level in Higher Education and the practical level in the field.

Of course, as something develops, our WEB does not escape from various shortcomings. We are very grateful and welcome with open arms any constructive criticism and suggestions for the progress of all of us. We do not forget to thank and congratulate all parties who can make the WEB of the Department of History Education in the midst of all of us with their determination and hard work.

Wabillahitaufik wal hidayah.

Wassallamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Chairman of the Department of History Education
Faculty of Social Science Education
Indonesian Education University

Dr. Murdiyah Winarti, M.Hum.

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