Book review “Junior High School Curriculum: The Dutch East Indies Period to Independence.”

UPI’s History Education Study Program held a book review of “Junior High School Curriculum: The Dutch East Indies to Independence” by Prof. Said Hamid Hasan, M.A, on July 15, 2021. This activity results from a collaboration between the Association of Indonesian History Education Study Programs (P3SI) and involves several experts from academia. Open to the public, both Lecturers, Middle School and High School Teachers, Students, and others.

The book will be reviewed by the author himself and will be dissected by Prof. Dr. Bambang Purwanto, M.A (UGM), Prof. Dr. Reiza D, Dienaputra, M. Hum (UNPAD), Dr. Lukman Najamudin, M. Hum (UNTAD), and Prof. Dr. Nana Supriatna, M. Ed (UPI), and Dr. Wawan Darmawan, M. Hum (UPI).

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