UPI Formulate “Hartaku”

In order to meet the achievements of the Corruption-Free Bureaucratic Region (WBK) and the Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Region (WBBM) within the Indonesian University of Education, the RZI (Integrity Zone Reform) team formulated some bureaucratic reform references for all work units.

Several warehouses that the Head of the RZI-BI team initiated, Dr. Rasto, explained that the harmonization of UPI Governance Regulations (HARTAKU) would be facilitated in the form of complete formats that must be formulated and filled in by the results of evidence from existing factual conditions, predictive services for future bureaucratic services, as well as the targets of the indicators to be achieved. By the bureaucratic service of each work unit.

The efforts of the RZI team are not only to fulfill the mandate of the PERMENPANRB of the Republic of Indonesia but rather to provide flexibility and adaptability of the bureaucracy at the level of a more harmonious work unit.

“In its implementation, every regulation in UPI must reflect the indicators that are achieved by using the program reference from HARTAKU,” said Dr. Rasto.

He explained that each indicator’s achievements owned by each bureaucratic service practiced by each work unit at UPI would become Credit Points and savings for universities towards the realization of the Harmonious Integrity Reform Zone.

The RZI-BI team, which the Vice-Chancellor fostered for POSI, was present in the formulation and alignment of the work program format, including the Renop Director, UPI SPM Leader, Dr. Syahroni, Head of UPI’s HR Bureau, Dr. Rasto, Drs. Medan Mulyadi, Dr. Agus, Head of Public Relations of UPI, and members of UPI’s RSI-RB who succeeded in the birth of HARTAKU on Tuesday, 27 July 2021.

News source: http://berita.upi.edu/upi-rumuskan-hartaku/

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