FPIPS UPI Successfully Established as a Corruption-Free Regional Institution (WBK)

They were referring to Letter Number: 4989/G/OT.01.03/2021 Dated July 21, 2021, concerning Submission of Assessment Results of the Internal Assessment Team for the Development of the Integrity Zone in 2021, the Faculty of Social Sciences Education (FPIPS) Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia passed the selection and was designated as a Free Territory Institution of Corruption (WBK). The Inspectorate General determines the Internal Assessment Team for 167 (one hundred and sixty-seven) Kemendikbudristek work units that are proposed to be predicated as WBK and WBBM.
According to the Dean of FPIPS, Dr. Agus Mulyana, M.Hum, explained that the determination of the scores and the results of passing the selection as a Corruption-Free Regional Institution (WBK) was based on the results of the UPI FPIPS assessment that had met the requirements of the workers union by achieving a value of the lever component of the change management indicator of 6.34, management arrangement 4.20, HR management system arrangement 9.15, accountability strengthening by 10.00, strengthening supervision by 10.1, improving the quality of public services by 7.1 with a total lever component of 46.71, total output component of 36.89, the total value of the evaluation of bureaucratic reform is 83.59.

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