Doctoral Trial Examination Drs. Tarunasena, M.Pd

On Monday, August 29, 2022, one of the lecturers of the UPI History Education Study Program, Drs. Tarunasena, M.Pd underwent an open trial for doctoral promotion “Curriculum Development” in the new FIP Building. Drs. Tarunasena succeeded in defending his dissertation research entitled “The Relevance of the 2013 Curriculum on Writing Indonesian History Textbooks for High School Compulsory” in front of the examiners consisting of Prof. Dr. Aman, M.Pd (UNY), Dr. Rudi Susilana, M.Si, Dr. Wawan Darmawan, M. Hum, Dr. Rusman, M.Pd, and Prof. Dr. Dinn Wahyudin, M.A.

Congratulations to Dr. Tarunasena, M.Pd, hopefully, his knowledge will provide more blessings and benefits for the development of historical education in the future.

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