Journal Article Writing Training for Students

The UPI History Education Study Program and the Semarang State University (UNNES) History Study Program collaborated to hold a training “Writing of National Journal Articles for Students” online via media zoom. The speakers in this training were Tsabit Azinar Ahmad, M.Pd (UNNES), and Wildan Insan Fauzi, M.Pd (M.Pd). Tsabit Azinar Ahmad, M.Pd as the manager of the Paramita Journal, a historical journal in Indonesia that received the Sinta 1 predicate, while Wildan insan Fauzi, M.Pd as the manager of the Historia Journal at UPI. The event was opened with remarks from Dr. Murdiyah Winarti, M.Hum as the Head of the UPI History Education Study Program, and Dr. Zulkarnaen as secretary of P3SI. This event was attended by 220 participants from various campuses in Indonesia.

Although there is a great temptation to make abstracts from the chapter of a term paper or thesis, or even a paragraph, by reducing the text to the required volume, it is absolutely not worth doing this. Such a “method” is unlikely to preserve the logic of the presentation of the material and convey the whole meaning of the report. In the worst case, you will get a set of broken thoughts that the listeners are unlikely to be able to put artist thesis together into a single picture. Therefore, before writing the abstract, bring together your ideas on the topic of the report, clearly imagine what you want to say to the audience, and write from scratch as if writing an article in a newspaper or a note in a magazine, but on a completely scientific level. Why?

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