Umar Ismail and Indonesian Film

Usmar Ismail was the Father of National Film, born into a Minangkabau noble family, and was educated at Mulo, United States. Upon his return from the United States in 1953, he was directly influenced by the working methods of directors and actors. Hollywood he watched while in America.” Like I did not realize it, he wrote, “I have taken over the operating system of Hollywood people working.” After the recognition of sovereignty on December 27, 1949, Usmar Ismail continued to increase his activities in the field of film. The experience that he has gained makes him very mature in this field. On March 30, 1950, Usmar Ismail founded the Indonesian Film Company (PERFINI). His friends who co-founded PERFINI with Usmar Ismail were Max Terra. Rosihan Anwar, Syawal Muchtaruddin, Nasiruddin, Basuki Resobowo, Suryo Sumanto and D. Djajakusuma who acted as Mr. Assat’s representatives. PERFINI’s office is at Jalan Menteng No.24 Jakarta, and Usmar Ismail is the chairman of PERFINI.
The film Blood and Prayer was the first film produced by Perfini. In 1950, Indonesian films sold very well because love for the motherland drove them. On August 17, 1962, Usmar Ismail was awarded the “Wjiayakusuma Charter,” the highest art award as a pioneer in film and drama arts, by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

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