Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX became the Driver

Even though he has the status of a sultan, Hamengkubuwono is also known as a democratic and famous person. Many exciting stories happened in the interactions between the sultan and the people of Yogyakarta. The story is told by SK Trimurti and processed from the following book, “Throne for the people.” The incident occurred in 1946 when the Indonesian government moved to Yogyakarta. At that time, SK Trimurti was about to return to her house. Intrigued by the crowds on the street, he stopped. It turned out that a female trader fell unconscious in the market. Uniquely, what made the people flock was not because of the woman who had fainted earlier but the reason why the woman had fainted.
The story begins when this woman selling rice stops a jeep from taking her to the Kranggan market. Arriving at the Kranggan market, he asked the Jeep driver to drop off all his wares. After finishing and preparing to pay for services, the driver gently refused the gift. In an emotional tone, the woman trader told the jeep driver that the money she gave was insufficient. However, without saying anything, the driver just walked away. After the incident, a policeman asked the female trader, “Does Mbakyu know who the driver was?” “A driver, a driver. I do not need to know his name; you are a strange driver, replied the woman selling rice with emotion. Instantly the merchant woman fainted after learning that the driver she had scolded for refusing to receive compensation money and helping her carry and unload her merchandise was the king himself (Gunawan et al., 2015, p. 38).

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